Every Real Screenshot From The Suicide Squad (Not Behind The Scenes)

A full trailer for The Suicide Squad hasn’t been released yet, but the first look at James Gunn’s movie included a lot of footage – here’s every screenshot of actual footage. The soft reboot/sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad is fastly approaching and early promotional materials for The Suicide Squad look quite promising. Gunn was given complete creative control to push the franchise in any direction he saw fit, and that reportedly will include The Suicide Squad receiving an R-rating.

While the original Suicide Squad ended with most of Task Force X’s members alive and well, the team for The Suicide Squad will look quite a bit different. Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) are the only returning cast members, as Gunn is instead relying on a much bigger cast filled with disposal D-list characters from DC comics. Some of the more notable new additions include Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Peacemaker (John Cena), Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian), and Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Malchior).

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Even though The Suicide Squad won’t be released until summer 2021, Warner Bros. and DC Films released the first look at the film during DC FanDome. The sneak peek was made up of some behind-the-scenes footage from the massive production and interviews from Gunn and the cast. But there were also moments that showed actual footage from The Suicide Squad, and it was more than most might think. Here’s every screenshot from the sneak peek that appears to be real footage and not BTS video.

Harley Quinn Shooting Guns

The first real shot from The Suicide Squad we see is of Harley Quinn in the middle of an action sequence. She’s shown wielding two pistols and spinning in a circle as she shoots at soldiers coming her way. It is unclear who these men are that she’s shooting at. We get the shot featured above that rotates with Harley as she spins as well as a quick overhead shot of her still turning.

Ratcatcher 2

This shot of Ratcatcher 2 appears to be another moment from The Suicide Squad. The context of the scene is unknown, but it is clear by her wardrobe that she isn’t in the middle of Task Force X’s mission. That could point to this scene being part of a flashback for Ratcatcher 2 or a hint of her trying to blend in with this look.

Task Force X In Rain

The first group shot for The Suicide Squad shown reveals nine members of the team walking through the rain. The scene includes King Shark, Ratcatcher 2, Rick Flag, Bloodsport, Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Thinker (Peter Capaldi), Polka-Dot Man, and an unidentified man on the right. This is the only promotional material that shows this specific group together. Most of the marketing has pointed to two different Task Force X teams, but neither of those included King Shark or Thinker. So, it remains to be seen how this collection of villains comes together.

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Destroyed Building

Another moment of footage from The Suicide Squad unveils this destroyed base location. There is clearly massive damage to the side and top of it, with what looks to be hundreds of people gathered around the perimeter. These people could be part of an army, possibly under the control of Starro – who the sneak peek seemingly confirmed is The Suicide Squad‘s villain.

America’s Last Hope

The second group shot to come in The Suicide Squad‘s sneak peek unveils another version of Task Force X that is very different from the one seen before. The lineup of characters includes Weasel (Sean Gunn), Blackguard (Pete Davidson), Mongal (Mayling Ng), Javelin (Flula Borg), Captain Boomerang, T.D.K. (Nathan Fillion), Savant (Michael Rooker), and Rick Flag. The collection of comic characters most have never heard of gets the heroic group shot in front of the American flag, providing a not-so-subtle reminder that these powered individuals are going to try and protect the country.

Amanda Waller In Belle Reve

We then get a quick shot inside of Belle Reve with Amanda Waller. It isn’t clear what she is doing at this moment, but this could be part of her selecting the team for the new Task Force X mission. She is joined in the shot with John Economos (Steve Agee), Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), and Flo Crawley (Tinashe Kajese). Each of them appears to be employees at Belle Reve.

Weasel Locked Up

The next piece of The Suicide Squad footage provides an up-close look at the most disgusting member of the team, Weasel. The giant animal-based character can be seen inside one of the cells at Belle Reve as others are being let out. We know from other pieces of footage that he will get out and be part of Task Force X too, but for now, Weasel is just shown licking the glass that stands between him and freedom.

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Unknown Army

This shot reveals an unknown collection of soldiers for an army. Their surroundings appear to match the structural design of the previously seen base. That could make these soldiers some of the first responders to the incident that occurs at the base or local military backing up Task Force X.

Savant Concerned

A quick shot of Savant comes later on in the footage. He is clearly wet in the scene and appears to be hiding behind a rock or hill and watching events unfold. Based on the look Savant has on his face, whatever is happening in The Suicide Squad isn’t good. The footage shows a big action set piece on a beach, so Savant might be seeing that mission unfold and possibly see fellow members of Task Force X die.

Bloodsport Bleeding

The best look at Bloodsport arrives in The Suicide Squad sneak peek to tease the mess that he is involved in. The setting appears to be the same damaged base that has been featured before, and Bloodsport’s time there clearly hasn’t gone smoothly. He’s bleeding from his head and looks quite concerned with what has unfolded. We don’t know who put a beating on Bloodsport yet, but this part of his mission includes working with Ratcatcher 2, as the back of her head is behind his left shoulder.

Bloodsport Running From Water

The next shot from The Suicide Squad might provide tease how Bloodsport gets hisinjuries. He is shown running through a building as a rush of water comes crashing through the ceiling. Bloodsport is trying to escape the flood but might not be able to outrun it. He has his helmet on during this part, so it’s possible the water knocks Bloodsport down and cracks the protective piece of gear, leaving him with the injuries shown before.

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Polka-Dot Man’s Powers

One of the only moments of The Suicide Squad footage to include powers on display comes here thanks to Polka-Dot Man. The cubical office setting seems to match the previous scene, and Bloodsport is even standing behind Polka-Dot Man here. It isn’t known why he’s using his powers at this point, but this is the first look at how The Suicide Squad will visualize Polka-Dot Man deploying the various weapons these dots can create.

King Shark Eating Man

The next scene shows another member of Task Force X shown in action. King Shark is featured here all by himself in a new location, one that appears to be a village in the jungle. King Shark isn’t there to make friends either, as he’s shown here lifting a man into the air to eat him. The scene cuts right before King Shark’s jaws clamp down on his enemy.

Big Explosion At Building

After seeing the destroyed building a few times before, this shot from The Suicide Squad might reveal how it got so damaged. A big explosion comes out of what looks to be the main entrance for the tower. A group of soldiers can be seen flying back from the blast, but soldiers in completely different suits can be seen dead or unconscious already. It isn’t known who this team dressed in all-black gear is, but they are clearly different from the prior army. They’ve either unknowingly set off this explosion or those inside are trying to keep them out.

Harley Quinn Saves Polka-Dot Man

Coinciding with the big explosion at the building’s base, The Suicide Squad then shows Harley Quinn and Polka-Dot Man experience a blast of fire themselves. Harley tackles Polka-Dot Man as the blast goes off, so she helps save her fellow Task Force X member. It still appears that this scene takes place in the cubical office setting, so that location could be inside the destroyed tower.

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Task Force X Takes A Dive

The next The Suicide Squad shot shows one iteration of Task Force X deploying for a mission by jumping into the water. The yellow and blue costume helps single out Javelin as the first one to jump, but it isn’t clear who else is midair during this shot. Regardless, this appears to be the version of Task Force X that was previously seen walking together in front of the American flag. And based on the water below them, this should be them deploying for the beach raid mission.

Harley Quinn’s New Tattoo

Another quick moment for The Suicide Squad features Harley Quinn presumably right before the first shot of her shooting a few soldiers. This shot specifically highlights the new tattoo that Harley will have in the movie. It confirms her emancipation after Birds of Prey by noting that she is the property of no one after previously being closely associated with Joker.

Bloodsport Caught In Explosion

This scene from The Suicide Squad briefly shows someone, who appears to Bloodsport, getting knocked back due to a big explosion. The blast comes right near his feet and throws Bloodsport back several feet. It doesn’t appear that he has his mask on in this moment, but he is still in the office setting. It is unclear if this comes before or after the previous shot of him running from the water pouring through the ceiling.

Savant and Rick Flag Get Ready

The second to last scene shown for The Suicide Squad is just a quick unloading moment. Savant and Rick Flag jump out of an armored truck presumably to meet up with the rest of Task Force X to go on a mission. It’s also possible that other members of the team are stowed away in the transport too.

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Task Force X Approach Plane

The final moment from The Suicide Squad sneak peek leaves audiences with is another shot of an iteration of Task Force X walking together. This is the reverse angle on the team shot of them in front of the American flag. Now, we see that they are walking towards the aircraft that is going to take them on their mission. And this is clearly a plane designated for the misfit group of villains as it has several black “X”s painted all over.

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