Grant Morrison Explores America’s Most Haunted Road in New Horror Series

In previews for the Boom! Studios limited series Proctor Valley Road, Grant Morrison takes readers on a trip down the most haunted road in America.

Boom! Studios offered a sneak peek at a brand new horror series by legendary comics writer Grant Morrison that explores the most haunted road in America. The first issue of Proctor Valley Road by Morrison, writer Alex Child, artist Naomi Franquiz, and colorist Tamra Bonvillain, will be released on March 3. The limited series follows four friends traveling the monster-infested road in the 1970s.

Proctor Valley Road is a real road in California that connects Chula Vista with Jamul in San Diego County. Over the years it has served as the setting of a number of ghost stories and urban legends. It’s where a couple sitting in a car is said to have been attacked by an escaped maniac with a hook hand, or where a driver might pick up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a ghost. Some say there’s a creature, appropriately called the Proctor Valley Monster, that resembles a large minotaur. And then there are tales of a demon car that chases down motorists.

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The story of the Proctor Valley Road limited series revolves around August, Rylee, Cora and Jennie, four teenager who organize a “Spook Tour” on the haunted road for their classmates in order to raise money to attend the concert of their dreams. When some students go missing, the four friends must rescue them and slay the evils terrorizing the road before their classmates are torn limb from limb. Now, Boom! Studios is giving readers a preview of the cover by Franquiz, as well as variant covers by Peach Momoko, Christian Ward and Chris Wildgoose, and the first four pages of the first issue.

Proctor Valley Road 1

Proctor Valley Road 2

Proctor Valley Road 3

Proctor Valley Road 4

Proctor Valley Road 5

Proctor Valley Road 6

Proctor Valley Road 7

Proctor Valley Road 8

Proctor Valley Road 9

The story is based on an original proposal by Child, a British screenwriter who has worked on BBC’s Holby City and Sky One’s Temple. Morrison is known for his works on seminal titles such as New X-Men, Batman, JLA, Doom Patrol, and All-Star Superman. Franquiz is known for Tales from Harrow County: Death’s Choir, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Boutniful.

Proctor Valley Road is produced by Boom! Studios in partnership with UCP Graphic, who is also developing it into a television series. The first issue is for mature readers and will be available in comic shops and on digital platforms March 3.

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Source: Boom! Studios

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