iCloud, Calendar Or Photos Down? Apple’s Latest Partial Outage Explained

Apple is reporting that iCloud and many other related services are currently experiencing a partial outage. Here’s what you need to know.

Some owners of a variety of Apple devices might be encountering an issue with iCloud as the cloud-based service is currently facing a partial outage. What’s more, the issue is affecting other cloud-based Apple services as well. Apple does seem to be aware of the problem, but here’s what you need to know in the meantime.

Apple launched iCloud in 2011 and considering the number of iPhones in circulation, as well as the company’s other hardware products, the cloud-based solution is widely used by many. Of course, being a connected service, it is fairly reliant on being up and when it goes down, it has the potential to impact a large number of users.

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Apple’s System Status dashboard is confirming that a number of iCloud-related services have been hit with an outage. This is not service-wide so whether an individual user is affected will depend on what they are trying to do. For example, there are no issues when attempting to sign in to iCloud, but there are when trying to use the iCloud Backup feature, as well as Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Photos, and more. In addition, iCloud for Work also seems to be affected with users either unable to share new files or add people to shared files.

Apple Is Aware Of The Issue

Apple iCloud storage shown on an iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Considering the company’s System Status dashboard has been updated to reflect the ongoing problems, Apple is evidently aware of the situation. None of the outage notes explain what is causing the problems but do state they began at 10:13 a.m. PT (1:13 p.m. ET). With all of the currently down services noting the same start time, it is highly likely the issues are all related and will be remediated at the same time. Although it currently remains unclear when that is likely to happen. Again, while the notes do confirm that some users are affected, there’s no indication that all users are encountering the issue. Therefore, many will probably find they are able to access and use all of their iCloud services as normal.

For reference, this appears to be the second outage Apple has experienced today. As many other services, including the App Store, Apple Card and Apple Music, were listed as affected, with users either experiencing slow responses or unable to use the services at all. That particular problem reportedly started early this morning with Apple noting the partial outage was fixed roughly two hours after it started. Although, the current iCloud issue appears to have now taken longer, Apple is working on fixing the problem.

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