Katie Claims To Be Surprised By Bachelorette Rumors

Following Reality Steve’s leak of Katie Thurston being the next Bachelorette lead, she shared how surprised she was by the news on Instagram.

Reality Steve may have gotten this major prediction majorly wrong. Following the filming of the upcoming Women Tell All for season 25 of The Bachelor, Reality Steve reported that current fan-favorite contestant Katie Thurston will be the next Bachelorette. The announcement was supposedly made during the Women Tell All. Now, Katie is leaving fans questioning the speculation, as she shared how surprised she was by the news on Instagram.

While this season of The Bachelor has been full of drama, toxicity, and even bullying, there has been one girl who has continued to shine through the darkness. Katie has been a much-needed light this season, as she has stood up to the bullies during numerous encounters. On multiple occasions, Katie put “Queen” Victoria in her place and put an end to the mocking of Sarah Trott. Katie has kept herself out of the drama while also standing up for what she believes in. Katie’s actions have resulted in fans growing to love her. They are even pushing for her to be the next Bachelorette, so much so one fan created a fake season preview with Katie as the season’s lead.

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Katie may have been just as surprised by the recent news break as fans were. After Reality Steve reported Katie is set to be the next Bachelorette, Katie took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts. In the photo she posted of herself, Katie shrugged her shoulders as she explained, “Reading my texts this morning like news to me.” While Katie did not necessarily deny the rumors, she seemed to be shocked that the rumors broke so soon after filming. Perhaps she was in talks with production about taking on the role as the lead for the upcoming season, but things may have not been made official yet.

As fans continue to share their love for Katie on her Instagram posts, expressing how much they truly want her to be the next Bachelorette, they also discussed why she may have acted surprised by the news. Reddit users claim producers may have told Katie to act clueless after Reality Steve spoiled the news. It would actually be more surprising if Katie was not chosen to be the next Bachelorette, considering she is one of very few potential women from this season of The Bachelor. Fans trust Reality Steve,  as he is typically right with his predictions more than he is wrong. This type of spoiler is different than predicting who will be sent home or who will make it to the final four. Reality Steve would only claim Katie to be the next Bachelorette if he truly had proof of it.

It would not be surprising if Bachelor fans are correct in predicting that producers instructed Katie to act shocked by the rumors in an effort to keep the upcoming season’s secret. Fans will be quite disappointed if Reality Steve’s predictions were wrong.

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Source: Katie Thurston/Instagram, Reddit

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