The 15 Best Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb)

The show iCarly was a Nickelodeon series that followed the lives of Carly, Sam, and Freddie, three teenagers from Seattle that ran a webcast. The three teens were incredibly different from one another, making for funny dynamics, and memorable skits for their web show.

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Their lives and their fame on the internet led to plenty of adventures, taking them to New York City and Japan, for instance. Their comedy and teen angst, alongside their web show, made for plenty of unforgettable moments and episodes that audiences love to this day.

Updated on March 27th, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: Though iCarly went off the air in 2012, the series remains as popular as ever. It’s so popular, in fact, that a revival series is set to air on streaming service Paramount Plus with most of the original cast members reprising their roles. While the entire series remains available to purchase through various digital platforms, part of the show is available to stream through Netflix as well, ensuring that adults and kids alike can still find (or relive) the laughs of the show. With that in mind, and with the knowledge that IMDb is a live site that still allows for ratings on canceled shows, the top rated episodes have been updated to reflect their current ratings. 

15 “iGot Detention” (7.8)

Carly and Sam sit together at the same classroom desk for iCarly iGot Detention

The lower five of the top 15 rated episodes of the series all share a 7.8 rating on IMDb. That’s very respectable since the top rated of the series is a 9.2, providing a nice margin for the best.

In this particular episode, Sam and Carly are all set to film their “50th Webshow Spectacular.” Unfortunately, Sam lands herself in detention on the very day they want to broadcast it, leaving Carly and Freddie to attempt the same. Though Carly is able to, Freddie resorts to hiding in the closet in the room and waiting until the teacher leaves to start broadcasting. The entire class of kids in detention gets in on the act, helping the trio get their webshow up and running despite being in detention.

14 “iThink They Kissed” (7.8)

Sam plays with Carly's hair under the influence of laughing gas at the dentist after revealing a secret in iCarly iThink They Kissed

The dynamic between Sam and Freddie becomes one of the big draws in iCarly in the second season of the show. Enemies to lovers remains a tried and true trope, even in children’s programming. After their secret first kiss in an earlier episode, Carly finds out about it here and doesn’t take the news well.

When Sam’s tooth falls out while eating during a broadcast, Carly and Freddie insist she go to the dentist. Under the influence of laughing gas, Sam reveals to Carly that she and Freddie kissed, which prompts Carly to worry that her friends are keeping secrets from her. When Carly confronts them about it, their discussion gets derailed as a group of prisoners escape into the Shay apartment from Spencer’s art lesson at a local prison. It combines the more dramatic of iCarly’s storylines with its trademark sense of humor.

13 “iStart A Fanwar” (7.8)

Sam and Freddie look on with the crowd while Carly is held by Spencer's enemy at Webicon in iCarly iStart A Fanwar

If a large number of the audience is invested in the relationship between Sam and Freddie, there’s just as large of a number invested in the relationship between Sam and Freddie. This episode goes a little meta with that same idea as the iCarly gang head to Webicon.

A joke from Sam sets their panel audience off as some members think the different friend pairings are dating. Carly just wants to date the new guy she met, but their fans get in the way. Of course, another plus in this episode is that Jack Black guest stars as an antagonist for Spencer at the convention.

12 “iWas A Pageant Girl” (7.8)

Sam in a pink dress with other beauty pageant contestants in iCarly

This episode gets to show a slightly different side to Sam. Sam admits that she competed in beauty pageants as a child when a girl on their webcast happily tells the gang that she’s planning to compete. Sam learns that her former rival, LeeAnn, has won 99 pageants in a row and may just make it to 100 with the upcoming pageant. Enraged, Sam pushes Carly to compete, as Sam was previously banned from participating in pageants.

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She teaches Carly to be a pageant girl, up until she learns that the ban has since expired, and Sam competes herself, performing a dance routine with her former dance coach, and wins the pageant. Elsewhere, Freddie and Spencer get too invested in a game and end up losing their dates as a result.

11 “iGot A Hot Room” (7.8)

Spencer, Sam, Carly, Gibby and Freddie in iCarly

Spencer’s attempt to give Carly the best birthday ever ends in disaster when a gummy bear lamp he put in her room catches on fire and burns down her room.

Carly is devastated by the loss and glumly ends up getting a job at the Groovy Smoothie to try to pay for a new room. Spencer, meanwhile, gets an insurance settlement, as his and Carly’s great-grandmother’s expensive watch was destroyed in the fire, and he uses the money to build Carly an awesome room as a surprise.

10 “iStage An Intervention” (7.9)

Carly points out Spencer's disheveled appearance after he's been playing Pack Rat for days in iCarly iStage An Intervention

Most episodes focus primarily on Carly and her friends, but this one places a larger focus on Spencer as the webshow trio has more of the B story. While Freddie is busy dealing with “bad luck” that’s really caused by Sam, Spencer becomes obsessed with an old arcade game.

After finding an old game in the junkyard, Spencer gets it working and starts playing it. Pack-Rat, a riff on Pac-Man, becomes Spencer’s whole world as he obsessively tries to beat the world’s high score. In order to help combat his obsession, Carly gets the webshow’s fans to track down the world record holder for the game to battle Spencer. In the end, even Carly becomes obsessed with playing the game.

9 “iPsycho” (7.9)

Sam, Freddie, and Carly stand in Nora's living room after showing up to film at her birthday party in iCarly iPsycho

Fans liked this two-part Psycho parody episode so much that it got a sequel episode long after its original airing. When Carly, Sam, and Freddie discover that one of their fans has been abandoned by her family on her 16th birthday, they decide to help cheer her up.

Nora, however, decides that the trio are her guardian angels when they manage to get the popular kids to her house for the party. She decides to kidnap them and hold them in her house. It’s only through coded messages to Gibby that the group manage to finally get out.

8 “iGet Pranky” (8.0)

Carly and Spencer in iCarly

Carly is teased by Sam and Freddie when she admits she’s never pulled a prank on anyone. She recruits Spencer to help her, but he’s reluctant. Spencer used to be “The King of Pranks,” until a prank gone wrong traumatized him, and he vowed never to pull pranks again. Carly pushes him to get back into it anyhow, and they pull off a great prank on Sam and Freddie.

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However, Spencer soon finds he can’t stop and begins pranking everyone. Carly gets the kids that were a part of Spencer’s prank gone wrong to show up as part of an intervention, but they beat him up instead. Nonetheless, Spencer gets the message and stops pulling pranks.

7 “iTwins” (8.0)

Melanie and Sam talk in the Shay apartment's elevator in iCarly iTwins

Sam’s twin sister Melanie arrives for a visit. Melanie is Sam’s complete opposite; she is polite, cheery, outgoing, and loves school, which annoys Sam. After Freddie is teased for being gullible by Sam and Carly, he refuses to believe Sam has a twin, thinking it’s just another prank. Freddie never sees Sam and Melanie together, and Sam eventually pretends that Freddie was right, that there never was a “Melanie.”

In the meantime, Spencer tries to convince Carly that Chuck is evil; Chuck has long been Spencer’s arch-nemesis, and Carly is now tutoring him in math. When Carly realizes, thanks to webcam footage, that Chuck really is awful, she tricks him, causing him to fail a math test.

6 “iShock America” (8.1)

Freddie, Gibby, Sam and Carly with Jimmy Fallon on Jimmy Fallon in iCarly

The iCarly gang is thrilled when they’re invited to New York City to appear on Jimmy Fallon. Unfortunately, Gibby’s poor choice in attire results in his pants falling down while on camera, which causes major problems not just for the group, but for Jimmy Fallon as well. When the teens clarify that the incident was their fault and not Jimmy’s, they are fined by the NCC to pay 500,000 dollars, or else iCarly will be shut down, permanently.

Luckily for them, Jimmy Fallon helps them find a way to come up with the money to pay the fine, and Tina Fey even makes an appearance in this memorable episode

5 “iMake Sam Girlier” (8.1)

Sam with her date Pete in iCarly

Following an iCarly webcast, a big birthday party is thrown for Sam, but she’s not particularly thrilled by what people have to say about her when she’s put in the spotlight, especially by the boy she has a crush on, Pete. She goes to Carly to teach her how to be more classy and girly, and she does well, up until she’s forced to hold her temper thanks to a new girl in their school who turns out to be a major bully.

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Sam eventually fights the girl, and Pete, who witnessed the fight, is impressed instead of disappointed in Sam. Elsewhere, Spencer goes to extremes to impress a girl he’s crushing on.

4 “iSaved Your Life” (8.3)

Carly and Freddie kissing in iCarly

Freddie is injured by a taco truck after pushing Carly out of the way, and Carly, feeling guilty, does everything she can to help Freddie return to 100 percent. Freddie’s mother brutally blames Carly for the incident as Carly’s feelings for Freddie develop from friendly to romantic, which is a dream come true for Freddie, who’s always loved Carly.

However, concerned her feelings for him are only because of the accident, Freddie breaks things off. Meanwhile, Spencer and Sam are engaged in an intense paintball game of “Assassin,” with Spencer getting paranoid and Sam carefully planning her next move to win the game.

3 “iKiss” (8.3)

Freddie and Sam lean in for their first kiss on the balcony at the apartment building in iCarly iKiss

Wanting to get back at Freddie for pulling a prank on her, Sam takes things way too far and reveals on an iCarly webcast that he has never kissed anyone, which results in Freddie getting teased horribly. Freddie hides away in isolation, embarrassed to go out in the world. Carly, angry with Sam, gets her best friend to realize what her cruelty did to Freddie, making Sam feel guilty.

Sam tries to make up for her wrongdoing by revealing on another webcast that she hasn’t been kissed either. To the shock of audiences, Sam and Freddie kiss each other in the episode’s conclusion and promise not to tell anyone, even Carly, about their kiss.

2 “iOMG” (8.3)

Sam and Freddie kissing in iCarly

The iCarly gang is in for a big surprise when they are locked inside their school for the night alongside their fellow students to finish their projects. Sam helps Freddie and iCarly’s new intern, Brad, with their project, a mood-reader app for PearPod.

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While testing the app on Sam, Freddie is shocked to find that her mood is “in love.” He and Carly make a big mistake when they assume Sam is into Brad, and try to set them up. However, it’s Freddie that she truly has feelings for, and she clarifies that by the episode’s end.

1 “iGoodbye” (9.2)

Carly, Spencer and Gibby in iCarly

The highest rated episode in the series is the series finale itself, and for the main characters, it’s the end of an era. Carly is crushed when she learns her father won’t be able to escort her to a Father-Daughter dance, and when Spencer is sidelined due to his being sick and unable to take her as a result, Carly’s devastation rises.

However, her father surprises her by arriving just in time and offers Carly the chance to move to Italy with him. She ultimately decides to go, sharing emotional goodbyes with her friends, and filming the last episode of iCarly before her departure.

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